Thursday, August 29, 2013

2+2=5 ( The Mathmatics of Pragmatic Worship)

 You have not been
Paying attention
Paying attention
                  Oh hail to the thief                                                                Oh hail to the thief  
                                                                                      but I am not
Don't question my authority or put me in a box cause I am not.

Worship is a feeling or expression of reverence or adoration for a deity.   It is not lip service that defines a religion, but rather the devotion and service one gives.  It is action that defines worship. 
So what are the gods of the 21st century? What do people bow to and obey? What is it that they actually serve?  What  is it that they worship?  

At the pinnacle of the modern pantheon is an ancient god originating Mesopotamia.  In the English language this is called "The State"

The state is the one thing every citizen adheres to.  The agnostics, atheists, Buddhists, Christians, and all denominations of religion all follow the teachings of the state.

The state is made real by something called the Tinkerbell effect.  The more people believe in it the more it actually becomes real.  But if you think about it, the state doesn't really exists.  The government buildings aren't the state, that would be like saying a church is god.  The politicians are nothing more than earthly representatives, like priests promoting the will of their deity. 

To say that the power of the state comes from voting is absurd.  This is just a ritual in the church of the state. A group of individuals cannot confer the power to kill, steal, or wage war.  The reason being: You cannot give away a power or right that you do not possess yourself. 
There is something ominous about this church. The state actively creates criminals to intimidate and keep power.   If you don't file taxes, you may be sentenced jail time. Look at Edward Snowden. After leaking information about CISPA "Cyper Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act", He was arrested for espionage.

CISPA basically allows the government to see whatever it is you are dong online.  They can view your online banking, check where you live, who you associate with, yadda yadda yadda. Espionage is when someone spies and gives information to the enemy. Snowden gave us, the public, info on what the state was doing.  The state arrested Snowden for releasing information to the enemy. So... that kind of makes... the public the enemy? 

What are the consequences of worshiping a deity that treats you like an enemy?

Monday, July 8, 2013

A KNO3 Chemical Kind of 4th of July.

I feel like this photo was shopped...
Today is not actually the fourth of July. It is the 7th.  So I am going to have to travel backwards through my memory till I can find what it was I wanted to write about.

July 7th.  slept worked. made 103 dollars
July 6th.  slept worked made 212 dollars
July 5th. slept worked made 127 dollars

July 4th. AHA there we go.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Endorsed To Update Nonsensical Blog. Now Becomes Oblogation AHAHAHAHA


  •  I started biking (went once). 
  • Friends now call me Badge
  • Got a job.
  • need a haircut.
  • decided my new ambition in life is to become an internetainerpreneur 
  • yes, it means what you think it means
  • have started using bullet points inappropriately 
  • That about catches us up. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Did you create the universe? (Thoughts that keep me awake)

It is 5 AM. I apologize if this becomes dumb or if it is continuously dumb throughout. Ok. Lets begin. Vibrations do not have intrinsic attributes like color or sound. Ok, so what? So everything that you have seen or heard has only been your mind's way of interpreting all the junk around you.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Want to Accomplish A Goal? Then Keep it To Yourself

keep it secret.
Here is a fun bit of psychology for you.  If you have a personal goal that you really want to accomplish then do not tell anyone about it.  Studies have shown that any time you share a personal goal with someone, you are less likely to accomplish said goal.  Hmmm interesting.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Frozen Salmon In my Underdrawers

According to The Longman Writer 8th edition, a title should be short and concise.  It should prep the reader for the story to come.  So that is why “Frozen Salmon In my Underdrawers.”
Note: People don't like blood pictures on Instagram.
Uhhg. I can’t believe I am doing this. Blogging when I am not at work. I am not even getting paid. I feel like an old cat lady or a photographer.  yuck.  I do have good reason though.  I split my toe open real good, so I can't walk or climb or run or slackline or do anything.  Because of the toe and some extra free time caused by unfortunate recent events all my school work is done, I even worked ahead so I don’t have to do any homework till mid October...  Also I think I pinched a nerve near my greater trochanter right above my femur to the left of my sacrum. And, that is why the frozen salmon.   Because the ice cold lean fish protein helps to alleviate the inflammation. Plus holding frozen meat to your thigh thaws it like 3 times faster.  Not to mention, great nutrients. Wait. I don’t have to explain myself.  So what if I am going to eat it?  It is my fish I can do what I want... I straying off topic.
Anyways, here is the story.  So I am sitting at the piano learning the song Love One Another with a fish in my pants when I get a phone call from my roommate’s fiancé.  Basically she says” blah blah blah, I am a girl, blah blah blah, my friend, blah help ”. Typical girl talk.
So I agreed to help her friend do something even though she wouldn’t tell me what it was.  That is ok though because I didn’t tell her about the concealed frozen fish. 
I have to fast forward over the boring parts. So I am only going to give you the main snippets.  16$ gas, Arbys, radiator fluid, military communion, freeway, hazard lights, spilled batteries, swimming pool, pedestrian on the street walking when the cross signal clearly depicts a flashing hand. You know what I mean. 
Findly look like this except younger
So I am driving sergeant Findly (a.k.a. roommate’s fiancé’s friend) back to his car after our little adventure. It is cool and all because he is like straight from Iraq and has all sorts of awesome stories. The only problem is he thinks his stories are better than my stories.
He is all like.  “I worked for the FPC (force protection corp.). Basically we were the first responders to any enemy attacks.”
I was all like, “that is cool, but I wrote articles about health and fitness for a small SEO company”
“but then they moved me to the gate.” he said a bit dejectedly. 
ha the gate, nothing cool can happen at the gate. I figured I had won.
Yeah, it is crazy” he was saying. “90 percent of the time you are just pushing a button to let people in and out. But then there is that one time… you know those bombers with the TNT strapped to their chest. Well, those happen at the gate. where I was." he paused for a moment and looked out the car window" Anyways after something like that you realize ‘wow I could have died’ and life seems to catch up to you. That is when you really begin to appreciate—
“yeah sure that’s great”. I interrupted “How about this though? So there I am climbing the wall at the Dixie College and this old couple is playing ping pong just minding their own business.  Suddenly out of nowhere their ping pong ball rolls underneath were I am climbing.”
He tried to cover up his genuine amusement and interest with a courtesy laugh and a confused expression but I could tell how he really felt.“Then after the gate they repositioned me in the tower”  Climbing must have sparked his memory about times on the tower.  “Usually, we keep IP on the tower. IP is Iraqi Police just so you know.”
Iraqi Police
“I did know” I lied.
“Well, when we had the IP up for watch we kept getting attacked. You see, the Iraqis would get a square bar, a metal sheet and some old m49 or m83 ammunition and they would fashion themselves some homemade mortars.  These weapons could only shoot a distance of 200 meters at max. Well within visual range. Either the IP just didn’t have good watch skills or they were intentionally letting the attacks happen.  So that is why they put me up there. “
Fortunately by know we had made it to his car, and he was in a hurry to get to drill or something or other.  So there wasn’t time for us to continue our little discussion. 
Though I do have some questions in my mind from the whole experience. Why the heck didn’t my roommate’s fiancé just call my roommate and ask him to help the bloke?  I would assume it is because the fiancé and friend had a romantic history, because he told me they did.  I would also assume because the friend of fiancé used to date fiancé then fiancé thought it would be best to keep betrothed roommate out of it, for drama purposes.  Despite their being no real animosity between the two men, the military ex-lover and the current betrothed roommate, it is still fun for girls to pretend like their could be drama and needlessly introduce an innocent bystander into the equation in hopes of avoiding a dramatic situation, even if the dramatic situation never really existed.
Also I never told him that I was holding a frozen fish in my pants moments before I gave him a ride.  Why would I? That would be weird.
There we go a post with everything, drama, action, romance, and adventure. I am proud of myself for this.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happiness is exercising until you throw up

Today something amazing happened.  Yup, I spewed in the locker room of Golds Gym. Don't tell anyone though because... well, actually you can tell some one. What I meant was I didn't tell anyone.  After it happened I just left. I was going to tell the people at the front desk but I got nervous because the people was an attractive woman. So to avoid embarrassment I decided not to say anything. Crises averted. Problem solved. Situation assuaged?...

It is 2:30 now, and it has been 6 hours since the incident. I have brushed my teeth and eaten a Chicken Mango Salad from Costa Vida. I feel better than ever.  You know,  the best things in life money can't buy. Let me explain.  There was a moment when was stumbling out of the locker room and I saw this man who had a look like "I know what you did". I ignored his look because my head felt like it was floating off of my body. And, I was concerned that if I didn't get to my car soon my head might leave my body to collapse to the ground.  Needless to say I made to my car with my head intact.  That is when I realized. Money can't buy workout-so-hard-that-you-spew.  Only the people who truly work for it will ever know that joy.

Now for the joys that money can buy.
That is me in a bath tub full of 2,600 dollars.  I saved all my tips from the summer in a back pack and then swam in it for a minute.  Turns out it is actually quite refreshing despite how filthy dollar bills are.  Hey do you see that weird brown thing by my left shoulder? What is it?

Ps. if you want to see me doing a front flip onto a moving treadmill click here.